Vocal Release Or Singing Success – Which One Rules!

There are a lot of reasons why people would like to improve their singing. Whether it’s starring in a rock band, standing out in the church choir or just sounding better in the shower there is a singing program out there that can help you achieve your goal of becoming a better vocalist. The problem is that the market is inundated with programs that promise a lot and often don’t deliver on there promises. That is where I come in. I offer honest, unbiased reviews of the most popular on-line singing programs. The following is a review for the Vocal Release at Home Singing Instruction kit.

Course Basics

Vocal Release is a program created and taught by Eric Frey. Mr. Frey knows how to sing and teach. It is his insight and his personal touches that make this an above-average program. The package consists of an e-book and 31 mp3 audio files. The lessons start with the basics such as how to breathe, and how to control tone and pitch. The sessions get gradually more advanced and cover nuances such as how to choose a microphone and how to distinguish your own personal singing style. The instruction is well organized and informative. However, the e-book lacks pictures and diagrams that could have greatly improved it. Also the audio files contain too much talking and not enough actual singing. This program also lacks anything interactive. There is no part of the system that allows you to practice singing with others or with instruments in the background. Also, there isn’t an option of recording any of your practice sessions.

Bonus Features

With the purchase of the Vocal Release program you receive three bonus products: The Rhyming Dictionary, Professional Song Writing Guide, and personal instruction from Eric Frey. The Rhyming Dictionary and Professional Song Writing Guide are useful resources if you desire to become a composer of music. It should be noted that this is the only program I’ve reviewed that offers song-writing aids. However, if you have no interest in song writing then these extras don’t add a lot of value. What is beneficial regardless of your reason for purchasing the program is the personal tutoring from Eric Frey. You can contact Eric through an exclusive student e-mail address and he will help you with all your questions and concerns. This is a feature only found on this program and is a huge benefit to those who purchase this kit.

Price/Guarantee Information

The price tag on the Vocal Release is $97. This is the lowest price for the programs I’ve reviewed. Certainly that is a plus unless you have an unlimited budget. However, this program also offers less in terms of content then any other set I’ve reviewed. In fact, compared to the other top singing learning programs this one probably offers less bang- for-the-buck than programs that cost twice as much. Like most other singing tutorials Vocal Release offers a money-back guarantee. You get 37 days to try the product and can return it with no questions asked.

Bottom Line

I liked the Vocal Release program a lot. It will be effective for students of all ability levels. Eric Frey is a great instructor who has constructed a course that is very concise and organized. His upbeat personality makes the lessons easy to listen to and learn from. The flip side of that is that it is light on content, especially compared with a product like Singing Success. Frankly there just isn’t enough material here to justify the cost. If you are serious about becoming a great singer I recommend purchasing the Singing Success program. Even though it costs more, it will be a much more effective aid in advancing your skill as a singer.

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